yaY! Some of you know that for the past four – almost five – decades, I have acted in film, television and stage plays... 

It has been rewarding and I consider myself fortunate. However, before and during those years, I did many other jobs to feed myself and keep a roof over my head. I delivered newspapers, telegrams, telephone books, and washed dishes, all before I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at age seventeen after dropping out of high school in my junior year. 

I needed to get away from Chicago’s mean streets. After my stint in the Corps where I passed the high school GED exam, I went to work nights at the Post Office while studying during the day at a community college. I received financial assistance from Chicago’s Roosevelt University and graduated with a pretty decent GPA and earned a BA in Spanish with a minor in French. 

I left the Post Office and worked as a community organizer in my old neighborhood before entering the University of Chicago in pursuit of a Master’s degree in Spanish. I also worked as Program Director for a Head Start Program; while doing so I started acting in plays with a local community theatre. Nothing serious, mind you, until one night during a performance of a play, I felt something in my gut akin to the thrill of a roller-coaster ride, I was hooked. Studies, be damned! 

I was then working as a Juvenille Parole Agent for the state of Illinois, and I must say that the job occupied the same level of importance as my studies. Shortly afterwards, I quit my job, and dedicated myself to satiating the hunger for acting. A couple of years later, I moved to Hollywood. During the ensuing years, I acted in many movies, more television shows, and some theatre works. I wrote a few stage plays, fewer screenplays, and one teleplay.

In the early 1990’s the passion to serve the community re-ignited; I volunteered for the At-Risk-Youth in the Los Angeles Unified School District at the Maxine Waters Employment Program where I taught acting and writing improvisation for several years before being hired as a teacher in the Adult Education Division. 

In 2001, I returned to my studies and received a MA in Spanish in 2003 from UC Santa Barbara. 

Two years later, I retired

from LAUSD and was accepted into the

UCLA African Studies Graduate Program;

I received the MA in 2008 ...


A public school speaker, Felton is often asked, 'What is your favorite disease?'  ... a reference to artists lending their support to various causes. HIs answer: 'Education.  I'm a carrier and I want to infect everyone.  I just feel that strongly about education.' 


February 1991 Began volunteering twice-weekly teaching performing skills to students of the Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center

1992 MWOP students toured with Felton’s short play, "DON'T TELL MAMA" to several alternative LAUSD high schools. The tour culminated with a performance for a national conference of psychologists.

Original member of ATAS Directing Repertory Group. Directed several short works utilizing working theatrical professionals.

1993 Produced a videotaped segment from "DON'T TELL MAMA." MWOP students worked on-camera and as crew with ATAS-DRG members graciously mentoring. The experience was exciting, exhilarating and gratifying for all.

A card-carrying actor for over 30 years, Felton’s face is familiar worldwide. Even if his name is not. 

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